• Our Value Prop

    Jovono has a simple investment strategy. We're picky and only invest in companies when we think can add value. That means no specific stage, location, or industry. The upshot is that an investment from Jovono is the start of a partnership. Here's what we bring to you.


    We only invest in companies we understand. That means we bring an understanding of your intellectual property, business model, technology, and management, among other things.


    We only invest when we think a company fits somewhere in our network. One of our best features is bringing our investments into our network, which might bring business or provide help.


    We believe one of the primary reasons companies fail is being underfunded. As a result, we only invest when we are willing to commit serious capital or bring along friends who can.

  • Our Portfolio

    The select few who we're changing the game with.


    Zero knowledge proof blockchains transforming financial transactions.


    Clothing where you're the model. You've never shopped like this before.


    Underwater drones changing the game for under 200m.

    Mighty Ventures

    The only mug that won't spill on your laptop.


    Bringing transformative accounting intelligence to SMBs.


    Proudly supporting the hacker community's top blockchain news source.


    Changing the way we make and consume videos online.


    Logistics drones helping shippers more efficiently plan their routes.

  • Evan J Zimmerman


    Evan J Zimmerman is an investor, entrepreneur, and writer. More info at my website.

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    On us, our companies, and our ideas. We promise only to post when we have something to say.

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