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Anduril Industries 

National defense drones and operating system.

Effortlessly create low-code high-quality backends.

Digital trucking network.

The world's greatest ocean drone data.

The green challenger bank. NYSE:ASP

Helping regular people fight legal paperwork.

The digital freight forwarder.

Zeekit  M&A

Clothing where you're the model. Acq: Walmart

Zero knowledge proofs transforming finance.

AR for internal navigation, better than ever before.

The future of shopping and planning online.

The hacker community's top news source.

OpenROV  M&A

Game-changing underwater drones for sub-200m. Merg: Spoondrift

Transformative accounting intelligence for SMBs.

Amazing no-tip technology for consumers.

Showbox  M&A

Changing the way we make and consume videos online. Acq: Powtoons

Revolutionary science-based skincare for men of color.

The world's first digital wholesale insurance broker.

Fertility healthcare for men.


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