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Anduril Industries 

National defense drones and operating system.

The green challenger bank. NYSE:ASP

Transformative accounting intelligence for SMBs.

The future of shopping and planning online.

Digital trucking network.

AR for internal navigation, better than ever before.

Helping regular people fight legal paperwork.

The digital freight forwarder.

The hacker community's top news source.

Amazing no-tip technology for consumers.

OpenROV  M&A

Game-changing underwater drones for sub-200m. Merg: Spoondrift

Effortlessly create low-code high-quality backends.

Showbox  M&A

Changing the way we make and consume videos online. Acq: Powtoons

The world's greatest ocean drone data.

Zero knowledge proofs transforming finance.

Zeekit  M&A

Clothing where you're the model. Acq: Walmart

Revolutionary science-based skincare for men of color.

The world's first digital wholesale insurance broker.

Fertility healthcare for men.

Security for email.

Digital biofeedback surveys for brands.


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